26 July 2017

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The “Guide to Rural Living” website is intended to educate new, existing, and potential rural homeowners within Faribault County on the rules and regulations that exist regarding rural living.  The website will address some of the many concerns and issues that rural residents face.

Individuals looking at building or purchasing a home in a rural setting need to be informed of factors to consider.  In providing this information prior to purchase, we hope to minimize "after the fact" issues, concerns, and problems.  

Whether you are a new rural homeowner or have resided on your family farm for 50 years, we hope this website will answer any questions you may have and lead to more knowledgeable and educated rural homeowners throughout Faribault County

ZONING - Zoning Districts, Shoreland, Setbacks, Lot Size Requirements


SEPTIC SYSTEMS (SSTS - Subsurface Sewage Treatment System) - Purpose, 12 Year Plan, Loan Program, Compliance Requirements, Property Transfer, Maintenance, List of Installers

FEEDLOTS - Permits, Setbacks, Closure

SOLID WASTE - Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste

WELLS - Disclosure, Existing Wells, Sealing, Water Testing, Remodeling, Setbacks, New Wells

EROSION CONTROL - General Stormwater Permit for Construciton Activity, Erosion Control Measures

MISCELLANEOUS TIDBITS - 911 Addressing & Signs, Wetlands, Burning Permits, Windbreaks, Elected Officials, Being a Good Neighbor, Chemical Spills




If you have any questions or comments, contact the Faribault County Soil & Water Conservation District/Planning & Zoning at (507) 526-2388 or email us at fcswcd@bevcomm.net